The typical components of a collection system include: storage tanks, piping, rain chains, UV light for purification, a pump system, and water filters.

For a 1000 square foot roof, each one inch of rainfall will result in over 500 gallons of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

An average person requires approximately 1250 gallons of water per month.  A 5,000 gallon tank will therefore provide for a family of 4 for up to a month.  Having 20,000 gallons for this family will be adequate for even the worst of droughts.

How much storage capacity do I need?

How much water will I collect?

What are the main components of a collection system?

Rainwater collection reduces stormwater runoff.  In addition, it requires less energy use, and hence lower greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to equivalent municipal water supply.

How does rainwater collection benefit the environment?